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41 Rodor Anglo-Saxon Sky. M
42 Roger English Variant of Rodger: Famed spear; renowned spearman. Rogelio: (Spanish) 'Renowned spearman.'. M
43 Roger German Renowned spearman. M
44 Roger Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Roger Bolingbroke, a conjurer. M
45 Roger Teutonic Famous fighter. M
46 Romamti-ezer Biblical Exaltation of help. M
47 Roper English Maker of rope. M
48 Rossiter German Red. Surname. M
49 Rossiter Scottish Red. Surname. M

50 Rotger Teutonic Famous fighter. M
51 Rover English Wanderer. M
52 Rudger Teutonic Famous fighter. M
53 Rudiger German German form of Roger. M
54 Rudiger Teutonic Famous fighter. M
55 Rumour Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 2' The play's presenter. M
56 Rungnir Norse A mythical giant killed by Thor. M
57 Rutger Dutch Renowned spearman. M
58 Rutger German German form of Roger. M
59 Rutger Swedish Swedish form of Roger 'renowned spear'. M
60 Rutger Teutonic Famous fighter. M