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21 Sayeed Muslim Variant of Sayid: Master.. M
22 Sayid Muslim Master.. M
23 Sayyid Arabic Master. M
24 Sayyid Muslim Variant of Sayid: Master.. M
25 Scaffeld English From the crooked field. M
26 Scand Anglo-Saxon Disgrace. M
27 Scead Anglo-Saxon Shade. M
28 Sceotend Anglo-Saxon Archer. M
29 Seafraid Irish Peace from God. M

30 Seaward English Sea guardian. M
31 Seifred Teutonic Victorious peace. M
32 Seigmund Teutonic Victorious defender. M
33 Seled Biblical Affliction, warning. M
34 Sepharad Biblical A book descending. M
35 Sered Biblical Dyer's vat. M
36 Sewald English Sea powerful. M
37 Seward Anglo-Saxon Sea guardian; guards the coast. M
38 Seward English Sea guardian. M
39 Shaad Muslim Happy. Cheerful.. M
40 Shad English Short form of the Biblical Shadrach; one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace. M