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41 Shadd English Short form of the Biblical Shadrach; one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace. M
42 Shamed Biblical Destroying, wearing out. M
43 Shamshad Muslim Tree like Pine.. M
44 Sheffield English From the crooked field. M
45 Shepard Anglo-Saxon Shepherd. M
46 Shepard English Shepherd. M
47 Shephard Anglo-Saxon Shepherd. M
48 Shepherd English Shepherd. M
49 Shepherd Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' The reputed father of Perdita is an old shepherd in the play. M

50 Sherard Anglo-Saxon Of glorious valor. M
51 Sherwood English From the bright forest. M
52 Sid English Diminutive of Sidney: Wide Island: south of the water; 'from St. Denis'. M
53 Sid French Diminutive of Sidney: From Saint-Denis (place name). M
54 Siegfried German Victorious peace. M
55 Siegfried Teutonic Victorious peace. M
56 Sigfrid German Victorious. M
57 Sigfrid Teutonic Victorious peace. M
58 Sigfried Teutonic Victorious peace. M
59 Sigifrid German Victorious. M
60 Sigismund German Variant of Sigmund: Victorious defender. M