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61 Skene Scottish From Skene. M
62 Skete English Swift. M
63 Skippere English Captain. M
64 Skye English Refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye; a nature name referring to the sky. M
65 Slade English From the valley. M
66 Sloane Celtic Fighter. M
67 Sloane Gaelic Warrior. M
68 Smythe English Tradesman. M
69 Snare Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 2' A sheriff's officer. M

70 Somerville French From the summer estate. M
71 Somerville Shakespearean 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Sir John Somerville. M
72 Somhairle Gaelic Asked of God. M
73 Sonnie English Son. A nickname and given name. M
74 Sparke English Gallant. M
75 Spence English Dispenser; provider. M
76 Spere English Spear. M
77 Sprague Teutonic Alert. M
78 Sproule English Active. M
79 Sprowle English Active. M
80 Squire English Shieldbearer. M