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21 Salih Egyptian Upright. M
22 Salih Muslim Good. Virtuous.. M
23 Samlah Biblical His raiment; his left hand; his astonishment M
24 Sansannah Biblical Bough or bramble of the enemy. M
25 Saph Biblical Rushes, sea-moss. M
26 Sariyah Muslim Clouds at night.. M
27 Saruch Biblical Branch, layer, lining. M
28 Scandleah English From the loud meadow. M
29 Sceapleigh English From the sheep meadow. M

30 Schaaph Biblical Fleeing, thinking. M
31 Schmaiah Hebrew God hears. M
32 Seanlaoch Irish Old hero. M
33 Searbhreathach Irish Judicious. M
34 Secacah Biblical Shadow, covering, defense. M
35 Seirath Biblical Hairy, goat, demon, tempest. M
36 Seith Welsh Seven. M
37 Sela-hammah-lekoth Biblical Rock of divisions. M
38 Selah Biblical The end, a pause. M
39 Semachiah Biblical Joined to the Lord. M
40 Semaiah Biblical Obeying the Lord. M