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41 Senaah Biblical Bramble, enemy. M
42 Seneh Biblical Bramble, enemy. M
43 Seosamh Gaelic He shall add. M
44 Seosamh Hebrew God will multiply. M
45 Seosaph Hebrew God will multiply. M
46 Seraiah Biblical Prince of the Lord M
47 Seth Biblical 'Put, who puts, fixed' M
48 Seth Egyptian Murdered Osiris. M
49 Seth Hebrew Anointed; compensation. Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. Eve considered him to be a replacement for her dead son, Abel. M

50 Shaah Muslim Variant of Shah: Shah. King.. M
51 Shadrach Biblical 'Tender, nipple' M
52 Shadrach Hebrew In the bible Shadrach was one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace. M
53 Shah Muslim Shah. King.. M
54 Shaikh Muslim Head. Chieftain. Teacher.. M
55 Shamariah Biblical Throne or keeping of the Lord M
56 Shamhuth Biblical Desolation, destruction. M
57 Shammah Biblical Loss, desolation, astonishment. M
58 Shammoth Biblical Names, desolations. M
59 Shammuah Biblical He that is heard; he that is obeyed M
60 Shaveh Biblical The plain, that makes equality. M