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61 Shaykh Muslim Variant of Shaikh: Head. Chieftain. Teacher.. M
62 Sheariah Biblical Gate of the Lord, tempest of the Lord. M
63 Shebaniah Biblical The Lord that converts; or recalls from captivity M
64 Shecaniah Biblical Habitation of the Lord. M
65 Sheeth Muslim The Biblical Seth is the English language equivalent.. M
66 Shehariah Biblical Mourning or blackness of the Lord. M
67 Sheikh Muslim Variant of Shaikh: Head. Chieftain. Teacher.. M
68 Shelah Biblical That breaks, that unties, that undresses. M
69 Shelemiah Biblical God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace M

70 Sheleph Biblical Who draws out. M
71 Shelesh Biblical Captain; prince M
72 Shelomith Biblical My peace, my happiness, my recompense. M
73 Shemaiah Biblical That hears or obeys the Lord. M
74 Shemariah Biblical God is my guard M
75 Sheminith Biblical Eighth (an eight-stringed instrument). M
76 Shemiramoth Biblical The height of the heavens. M
77 Shephatiah Biblical The Lord that judges M
78 Sherebiah Biblical Singing with the Lord. M
79 Sheshach Biblical Bag of flax or linen. M
80 Shibboleth Biblical Ear of corn, stream or flood. M