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81 Shibmah Biblical Overmuch captivity, or sitting. M
82 Shihor-libnah Biblical Blackness of Libnah. M
83 Shilah NativeAmerican Brother (Navajo). M
84 Shiloh Biblical Peace, abundance (name of a city). M
85 Shiloh Hebrew The one to whom it belongs. In the bible Shiloh is a prophetic name for the Messiah; Also Shiloh is significant as the site of a crucial battle in the American Civil War. M
86 Shilshah Biblical Three; chief; captain M
87 Shimeah Biblical That hears, or obeys, perdition. M
88 Shimeath Biblical That hears, or obeys, perdition. M
89 Shimrath Biblical Hearing, obedient. M

90 Shimrith Biblical Thorn, dregs. M
91 Shishiesh NativeAmerican Variant of Ashishishe: Crow name for crow. M
92 Shith Muslim Variant of Sheeth: The Biblical Seth is the English language equivalent.. M
93 Shobach Biblical Your bonds, your chains. M
94 Shochoh Biblical Defense, a bough. M
95 Shophach Biblical Pouring out. M
96 Shuah Biblical Ditch, swimming, humiliation. M
97 Shuthelah Biblical Plant, verdure, moist, pot. M
98 Sibboleth Biblical Ear of corn, stream or flood. M
99 Sibmah Biblical Conversion, captivity. M
100 Sigifrith German Victorious. M