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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Sachi Indian Descended from the sun god. M
2 Sadiki Egyptian Faithful. M
3 Sakeri Hebrew Remembered by God. M
4 Sakhi Muslim Generous. Liberal.. M
5 Sallai Biblical An exaltation, a basket. M
6 Sami Arabic All hearing. M
7 Sani NativeAmerican The old one (Navajo). M
8 Satordi French Saturn. M
9 Saubhari Indian Name of a hermit. M

10 SciIti Celtic Legendary messenger of Arthur. M
11 Seiji Japanese Lawful; manages affairs of state. M
12 Sekani Egyptian Laughs. M
13 Semei Biblical Hearing, obeying. M
14 Sergei Latin Variant of Sergius: Attendant. Also a variant of Sercio: Protector; shepherd. M
15 Sergei Russian Protector; shepherd. M
16 Serguei Latin Attendant. M
17 Serguei Russian An attendant. M
18 Sewati NativeAmerican Curved bear claw (Miwok). M
19 Shabbethai Biblical My rest. M
20 Shadi Muslim Singer.. M