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21 Sewell Teutonic Mighty at sea. M
22 Shadwell English From the shed spring. M
23 Shakeel Muslim Variant of Shakil: Handsome. Good looking.. M
24 Shakil Muslim Handsome. Good looking.. M
25 Shaul Biblical Asked, lent, a grave. Demanded, lent, ditch, death. M
26 Shebuel Biblical Turning; or captivity; or seat; of God M
27 Shelumiel Biblical God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace M
28 Shemuel Biblical Appointed by God M
29 Shobal Biblical Path, ear of corn. M

30 Shual Biblical Fox, path, first. M
31 Shubael Biblical Returning captivity; seat of God M
32 Siarl Welsh Welsh form of Charles 'manly'. M
33 Siddael English From the wide valley. M
34 Siddell English From the wide valley. M
35 Sidell English From the wide valley. M
36 Sidwell English From the broad well. M
37 Sil Latin Of the forest. M
38 Sill Latin Of the forest. M
39 Siseal Latin Blind. M
40 Snell Anglo-Saxon Nold. M