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21 Sem Biblical Mame, renown M
22 Seorim Biblical Gates, hairs, tempests. M
23 Sepharvaim Biblical The two books, the two scribes. M
24 Serafim Hebrew An angel like being of a lower order. M
25 Seraphim Biblical Burning, fiery. M
26 Seraphim Hebrew An angel like being of a lower order. M
27 Shaalabbim Biblical Understanding; or son of a fox M
28 Shaalbim Biblical That beholds the heart. M
29 Shaaraim Biblical Gates, valuation, hairs. M

30 Shalem Biblical Complete or perfect peace. M
31 Shalim Biblical Foxes, fists, path. M
32 Shallum Biblical Perfect, agreeable. M
33 Shalom Hebrew Peaceful. M
34 Shameem Muslim Variant of Shamim: Odor. Scent.. M
35 Shamim Muslim Odor. Scent.. M
36 Shapham Biblical Rabbit, wild rat, their lip, their brink M
37 Shebam Biblical Compassing about; old men M
38 Shebarim Biblical Breakings, hopes. M
39 Shechem Biblical Part, portion, back early in the morning. M
40 Shem Biblical Mame, renown M