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41 Saxon German Dagger; short sword. In the 5th century, the Germanic Saxons frequently invaded Britain. M
42 Saxon Teutonic Swordsman, Knife. Saxons were among the Germanic tribes who invaded and settled 5th century England. M
43 Saxton Teutonic Swordsman. Knife. M
44 Sayfuddeen Muslim Variant of Sayfuddin: Sword of the Faith.. M
45 Sayfuddin Muslim Sword of the Faith.. M
46 Scanlan Irish Scandal. M
47 Scanlon Irish Scandal. M
48 Scannalan Irish Scandal. M
49 Scelftun English From the ledge farm. M

50 Scrydan Anglo-Saxon Clothes. M
51 Seadon English From the hill by the sea. M
52 Sean Irish Irish variant of John: God is gracious; gift from God. M
53 Seanachan Irish Wise one. M
54 Seanan Hebrew Gift from God. M
55 Seanan Irish Little old wise one. M
56 Seaton Anglo-Saxon From Sai's estate. M
57 Seaton English From the farm by the sea. M
58 Sebasten Greek Revered. M
59 Sebastian Greek Revered. M
60 Sebastian Latin Venerable; revered. The twin brother of Viola in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A third-century martyred centurion who became St. Sebastian patron saint of soldiers. M