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21 Sayres Welsh Carpenter. M
22 Scales Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Lord Scales. M
23 Scarus Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Mark Antony. M
24 Scottas English From Scotland. M
25 Seamus English Variant of James: Supplant. Replace. Variant of Jacob derived from the latin Jacomus. M
26 Seamus Gaelic Form of James. Supplanter. M
27 Seamus Irish Variant of Shamus (Irish variant of James: supplanter). M
28 Searlas French Manly. M
29 Searlus French Manly. M

30 Sebastianus Latin August. M
31 Secundus Biblical Second. M
32 Seleucus Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Attendant on Cleopatra. M
33 Sempronius Shakespearean 'The Life of Timon of Athens' 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Kinsman to Titus. M
34 Seorus Gaelic Farmer. M
35 Septimus Latin Born seventh. Name given to the seventh child born to a large family. M
36 Serapis Egyptian Another name for Apis. M
37 Serenus Latin Calm. M
38 Sergios Latin Attendant. M
39 Sergius Biblical Net. M
40 Sergius Latin Attendant. M