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1 Abishag Biblical Ignorance of the father. F
2 Aingealag Gaelic Angel. F
3 Aisling Irish Vision. F
4 Aisling Ashling Irish Dream or vision. F
5 Ambjorg Norse Eagle protection. F
6 Ashling Irish Vision. F
7 Aslaug Norse Devoted to God. F
8 Beathag Hebrew To serve God. F
9 Berthog Welsh Wealthy. F

10 Blerung Anglo-Saxon Blessing. F
11 Blessing English Consecrated. F
12 Bletsung English Consecrated. F
13 Buddug Welsh Welsh form of Victoria: victory. F
14 Carling Gaelic Little champion. F
15 Ciorstag Gaelic Christian. F
16 Doeg Biblical Careful, who acts with uneasiness. F
17 Doug Scottish Diminutive of Douglas: From the Gaelic 'dubhglas' meaning dark water, dark stream, or from the dark river. F
18 Eacnung Anglo-Saxon Bears children. F
19 Eneuawg Welsh Legendary daughter of Bedwyr. F
20 Enrhydreg Welsh Legendary daughter of Tuduathar. F