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1 Abarim Biblical Passages, passengers. F
2 Abel-maim Biblical Mourning of waters. F
3 Abel-mizraim Biblical The mourning of Egyptians. F
4 Abel-shittim Biblical Mourning of thorns. F
5 Achim Biblical Preparing, revenging, confirming. F
6 Adinam Hebrew Tender. F
7 Adoraim Biblical Strength of the sea. F
8 Adoram Biblical Their beauty, their power. F
9 Adramyttium Biblical The court of death. F

10 Adullam Biblical Their testimony, their prey, their ornament. F
11 Adummim Biblical Earthy, red, bloody things. F
12 Ahlaam Muslim Variant of Ahlam: Dreams. Utopia.. F
13 Ahlam Muslim Dreams. Utopia.. F
14 Akrabbim Biblical Scorpions. F
15 Almon-diblathaim Biblical Hidden in a cluster of fig trees. F
16 Anamim Biblical A fountain, answer, affliction. F
17 Anem Biblical An answer, their affliction. F
18 Anim Biblical Answerings, singings, afflicted. F
19 Asshurim Biblical Liers in want; beholders. F
20 Asuppim Biblical Gatherings. F