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1 Accho Biblical Close, pressed together. F
2 Adiriano Hawaiian Variant of Akiliano: From the city of Adrian. F
3 Aello Greek A Harpy. F
4 Akiko Japanese Iris; light and bright. F
5 Akiliano Hawaiian From the city of Adrian. F
6 Aneko Japanese Older sister. F
7 Aniko Hebrew Grace. F
8 Baano Muslim Variant of Bano: Lady. Princess.. F
9 Bano Muslim Lady. Princess.. F

10 Barbro Swedish Swedish form of Barbara: stranger. F
11 Bo Chinese Precious. F
12 Bo English Nickname made popular by actress Bo Derek. F
13 Bo Scandinavian Nickname made popular by actress Bo Derek. F
14 Bonnie-jo Scottish From the French 'bon' meaning good. In Scottish usage 'bonnie' means pretty or charming. F
15 Calisto Greek Most beautiful. Diminutive of Calista, Mythological Arcadian who transformed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation. F
16 Callisto Greek Mother of Arcas. F
17 Callisto Latin A nymph. F
18 Calypso Greek The mythological nymph who beguiled Odysseus for seven years. A West Indies style of singing. Daughter of Atlas. F
19 Calypso Latin A nymph. F
20 Cameo English A carved gem portrait. F