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1 Adalbeorht English Noble. F
2 Ailat Hebrew Behind. F
3 Algot Swedish Pearl. F
4 Alumit Hebrew Girl. F
5 Amethyst Greek Jewel. Also Against intoxication.' A purple or violet gemstone. According to ancient Greek superstition an amethyst protected its owner against the effects of strong drink. F
6 Amunet Egyptian Mythical goddess of mystery. F
7 Anat Egyptian A wife of Seth. F
8 Anat Hebrew A singer. F
9 Angharat ArthurianLegend A love of Peredur. F

10 Annot Hebrew Light. F
11 Astolat ArthurianLegend Lady of Shalott who kills herself for the love of Lancelot. F
12 Ateret Hebrew Crowned. F
13 Athracht Irish Name of a saint. F
14 Auset Egyptian Another name for Isis. F
15 Avivit Hebrew Innocent. F
16 Bahjat Muslim Splendor. Magnificence.. F
17 Bakht Muslim Luck. Lottery.. F
18 Baldhart German Bold or strong. F
19 Bast Egyptian Personification of the heat of the sun. F
20 Bastet Egyptian Eat. F