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1981 Atiyya Muslim Variant of Atiya: Gift. Present[See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines]. F
1982 Atlanta Greek A huntress. F
1983 Atonia Hebrew Strong as an oak. F
1984 Atoofa Muslim Variant of Atufa: Kind. Merciful.. F
1985 Atropes Greek A Fate. F
1986 Atropos Latin One of the Moirae. F
1987 Attheaeldre English At the elder tree. F
1988 Atthis Latin From Attica. F
1989 Attica Latin From Attica. F

1990 Attracta Irish Name of a saint. F
1991 Attracta Latin Drawn to. F
1992 Atufa Muslim Kind. Merciful.. F
1993 Atun Muslim Educator. Teacheress.. F
1994 Auberta French Feminine variant of Albert. F
1995 Auberta Teutonic Intelligent. F
1996 Aubina French Blond. F
1997 Aubine French Blond. F
1998 Aubree English Rules with elf-wisdom. F
1999 Aubree French Rules with elf-wisdom. F
2000 Aubrey English Rules with elf-wisdom. F