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381 Agrafina Russian Born feet first. F
382 Agrafine Latin Born feet first. F
383 Agrippina Latin Colonist. F
384 Agrippinae Latin Colonist. F
385 Agueda Greek Kind. F
386 Agueda Spanish Kind. F
387 Agurtzane Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
388 Agustina Latin Majestic; grand. F
389 Ahalya Indian Night. F

390 Ahana Irish From the little ford. F
391 Ahava Biblical Essence, being, generation. F
392 Ahava Hebrew Dearly loved. F
393 Ahave Hebrew Dearly loved. F
394 Ahd Muslim Variant of Ahd: Pledge. Knowledge.. F
395 Ahd Muslim Pledge. Knowledge.. F
396 Ahelia Hebrew Breath. F
397 Ahelie Hebrew Breath. F
398 Ahellona Greek Masculine. F
399 Ahisma Hindi Not violent. F
400 Ahisma Indian Gentle. F