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421 Aife Celtic A great warrior woman of myth. F
422 Aifric Irish Pleasant. F
423 Aiglentina French Sweetbrier rose. F
424 Aiglentine French Sweetbrier rose. F
425 Aigneis Celtic Pure. F
426 Aigneis Gaelic Gaelic forms of Agnes. F
427 Aigneis Greek Pure. F
428 Aigneis Irish Pure. F
429 Aijeleth-Shahar Biblical The land of the morning. F

430 Aila Scottish From the strong place. F
431 Ailani Hawaiian High chief. F
432 Ailat Hebrew Behind. F
433 Aileana Scottish From the green meadow. F
434 Aileen Irish Variant of Eileen: Light. From the name Eibhlin, derived from Evelyn or Evelina. Light. F
435 Aileen Scottish From the green meadow, a variant of Evelyn. Also a Scottish variant of the Irish Eileen. F
436 Aileene Irish Variant of Evelyn. F
437 Aileene Scottish Variant of Evelyn. F
438 Ailey Irish Light. F
439 Aili German Sweet. F
440 Aili Irish Light. F