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1301 Angele Latin Angel; Messenger. F
1302 Angelee Greek Messenger. F
1303 Angelee Latin Angel; Messenger. F
1304 Angelena Greek Messenger. F
1305 Angelena Latin Angel; Messenger. F
1306 Angelene Greek Messenger. F
1307 Angelene Latin Angel; Messenger. F
1308 Angeletta French Little angel. F
1309 Angelette French Little angel. F

1310 Angeli Greek Messenger. F
1311 Angeli Latin Angel; Messenger. F
1312 Angelia Greek Messenger. F
1313 Angelia Italian Feminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel. F
1314 Angelia Latin Angel; Messenger. F
1315 Angelia Spanish Angel. F
1316 Angelica Latin Angel; Like an angel. From angelicus meaning angelic. Famous bearer: Italian poet Ariosto's Orlando Furioso' deals with the love of Charlemagne's paladin Orlando for Angelica. F
1317 Angelika French Angel. F
1318 Angelika German 'Like an angel. F
1319 Angelika Greek Like an angel. F
1320 Angeliki Greek Angel. F