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1361 Ani Maori Maori form of Anne. F
1362 Ania Polish Grace. F
1363 Anica Hebrew Grace. F
1364 Anica Spanish Grace. F
1365 Anice Scottish Scottish form of Ann: grace. F
1366 Anichka Hebrew Grace. F
1367 Anichka Ukrainian Grace. F
1368 Anicka Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Agnes. F
1369 Anieli Polish Masculine. F

1370 Anika Dutch Dutch form of Anne. F
1371 Anika Hebrew Grace. F
1372 Aniki Hebrew Grace. F
1373 Aniko Hebrew Grace. F
1374 Anim Biblical Answerings, singings, afflicted. F
1375 Anippe Egyptian Daughter of the Nile. F
1376 Anis Greek Variant of the Greek Agnes,Poor, pure, or chaste. St. Agnes was a 3rd century Christian martyr whose January 21st feast day is described in Keats' poem 'The Eve of St Agnes'. F
1377 Anisa Muslim Affectionate.. F
1378 Anisah Muslim Close. Intimate. Good friend. Friendly. Of good company.. F
1379 Anisha English Variant of Anne or Agnes. F
1380 Anissa English Variant of Anne or Agnes. F