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1601 Apryll English The month April; symbolizes spring. F
1602 Apryll Latin Open. The month April; symbolizes spring. F
1603 Apsaras Indian From the water's stream. F
1604 Apulia Latin From the river Apulia. F
1605 Aputa Maori Open spaces. F
1606 Aqeela Muslim Variant of Aqila: Gifted with reason. Wise.. F
1607 Aqila Muslim Gifted with reason. Wise.. F
1608 Aquanetta English Contemporary created name. Aqua is the blue-green sea color. F
1609 Aquene NativeAmerican Peace. F

1610 Aqui!ina Latin Eaglelike. F
1611 Aquila Biblical An eagle. F
1612 Aquilina Spanish An eagle; sharp-eyed. F
1613 Aquiline Latin Eaglelike. F
1614 Aquitania Latin From Aquitaine. F
1615 Ar Anglo-Saxon Mercy. F
1616 Ar Biblical Awakening, uncovering. F
1617 Ara Arabic Opinionated. F
1618 Ara Muslim Embellishing. Adorning.. F
1619 Ara Teutonic Intelligence of an eagle. F
1620 Arab Biblical Multiplying, sowing sedition, a window, a locust. F