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201 Aieeda Muslim Variant of Aa'ida: Returness.. F
202 Aieeda Muslim Variant of Aa'ida: Returness.. F
203 Aiglentina French Sweetbrier rose. F
204 Aila Scottish From the strong place. F
205 Aileana Scottish From the green meadow. F
206 Ailia Irish Light. F
207 Ailisa Irish Noble. F
208 Ailna German Diminutive of Adeline and Adela: Sweet or pleasant; of the nobility. Noble. From the Old German 'athal' meaning 'noble. F
209 Ailsa Danish Danish form of Elizabeth. F

210 Ailsa German Variant of Elsa: A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning 'my god is bountiful', or 'god of plenty.' Also from the Old German athal meaning 'noble'. Famous bearers: heroine of Wagner's opera 'Loheogrin'; the tame lioness in Joy Adamson's Born Free. F
211 Ailsa Hebrew Devoted to God. F
212 Ailsa Scottish From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde. Also a Scottish variant of Else. F
213 Ailsa Teutonic Good humor. F
214 Aimiliana Teutonic Hard working. F
215 Aimilionia Teutonic Hard working. F
216 Aina Celtic Joy. F
217 Aina Swedish Joy. F
218 Aindrea English Feminine form of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew. F
219 Ainhoa Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
220 Airla Greek Ethereal. F