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321 Aleria Latin Eagle. F
322 Alesia Greek Helper. F
323 Alessandra Italian Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F
324 Aleta English Winged. F
325 Aleta Greek 'Truthful.' Mythological goddess of truth. F
326 Aleta Latin Winged. F
327 Aleta Spanish Winged. F
328 Aletea Spanish Honest. F
329 Aletha Greek Truthful. Mythological goddess of truth. F

330 Alethea Greek Truth. Alethea became popular in the early 17th century when the future King Charles I courted Spanish Maria Aletea. Sometimes confused with the unrelated Althea.'Truthful.' Mythological goddess of truth. F
331 Aletheia Greek Honesty. F
332 Alethia Greek Truthful. Mythological goddess of truth. F
333 Aletia Spanish Honest. F
334 Aletta Italian Winged. F
335 Aletta Latin Winged. F
336 Alewndra Russian Defender of man. F
337 Alewndrina Latin Defender of man. F
338 Alexa English Helper, defender. variant of Alexander. F
339 Alexa Greek Feminine form of Alexander: Defender of men, helper. Alexander the Great was a 4th century Macedonian king for whom the Egyptian city of Alexandria is named. F
340 Alexa Hungarian Defender of man. F