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501 Alyda German Archaic. F
502 Alyna Latin Of the nobility. Variant of Adelina. F
503 Alysha Latin Variant of Alice. F
504 Alysia Greek Bond. F
505 Alyssa English Variant of Alice. F
506 Alyssa Greek Rational. F
507 Alyssa Teutonic Good humor. F
508 Alyssandra French Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F
509 Alyssia English Variant of Alice. F

510 Alzbeta Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Elizabeth. F
511 Alzena Arabic Woman. F
512 Alzina Arabic Woman. F
513 Alzubra Muslim A star in the constellation Leo.. F
514 Ama African Saturday's child. (Ghanese). F
515 Ama Norse Eagle. F
516 Amabella French Lovable. F
517 Amabella Latin Variant of Amabel: Beautiful, loving, lovable. F
518 Amada Spanish Beloved. F
519 Amadea Latin Loved by God. F
520 Amadina Latin Worthy of God. F