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541 Amanda Spanish Lovable. F
542 Amantha Greek Variant of Amarantha. A flower name. Variant of Samantha. F
543 Amapola Arabic Poppy. F
544 Amara German Eternal. F
545 Amara Greek Unfading. F
546 Amara Latin Beloved. F
547 Amara Spanish Imperishable. F
548 Amaranda Greek Flower. F
549 Amaranta Spanish Flower. F

550 Amarantha Greek Flower. F
551 Amarisa Hebrew Given by God. F
552 Amarissa Hebrew Given by God. F
553 Amarissa Spanish Derived from Amaris, child of the moon, the astrological name for Cancer. F
554 Amata French Variant of Amy: Dearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. F
555 Amata Latin Latinized form of the French/English Amy meaning dearly beloved. Treasured. F
556 Amata Spanish Lovable. F
557 Amba Indian Mother. F
558 Ambika Hindi Goddess of the moon. F
559 Ambra French Jewel. F
560 Ambrosia Greek Food of the gods. F