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581 Amicia Latin Latinized form of the French Amice, which is from the Latin Amico meaning friend. F
582 Amilia Latin Hard working. F
583 Amina African Trustworthy. (Swahili). F
584 Amina Arabic Trustworthy. F
585 Amina Muslim Trustworthy. Reliable. Faithful. Secure. Protected.. F
586 Aminta Latin Protector. A 17th century literary invention inspired by the Greek name for protector. F
587 Amira Muslim Variant of Amira: Well populated.. F
588 Amira Arabic Princess. F
589 Amira Hebrew Princess; one who speaks. F

590 Amira Muslim Well populated.. F
591 Amira Persian Feminine form of Amir 'king'. F
592 Amira Yiddish Grain. F
593 Amiria Maori Industrious, from Amelia. F
594 Amita Israeli Truth. F
595 Amitola NativeAmerican Rainbow. F
596 Amma Norse Grandmother. F
597 Amoldina Teutonic Strong like an eagle. F
598 Amora Norse Light eagle. F
599 Amora Spanish Love. F
600 Amoretta Latin Little love. F