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961 Asima Arabic Defender. F
962 Asima Muslim Protector.. F
963 Asma Muslim Beautiful.. F
964 Aspasia Greek Welcome. Famous bearer: Aspasia was a 5th century BC mistress of the Athenian statesman Pericles.Welcomed. F
965 Assa Latin Mother of Simon. F
966 Assana Irish Waterfall. F
967 Assyria Biblical Country of Assur or Ashur. F
968 Asta Greek Star. F
969 Asta Latin Holy. F

970 Asta Norse Tree. F
971 Asteria Latin Star. F
972 Astra Greek Star. F
973 Astra Latin From astralis meaning of the stars, derived from the Greek astron meaning star. F
974 Astra Norse Divine strength. F
975 Astraea Greek Justice. F
976 Astraea Latin Surname of Artemis. F
977 Astrea Greek Star. F
978 Asucena Arabic Lily. F
979 Asvora Norse Wife of Asrod. F
980 Asvoria Teutonic Divine wisdom. F