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321 Antonique Latin Praiseworthy. Feminine of Anthony. F
322 Aoife Hebrew Life. F
323 Aoife Irish Irish form of Eve: gives life. F
324 Aphrodite Greek Goddess of love. F
325 Apocalypse Biblical Uncovering, revelation. F
326 Apolline French Gift from Apollo. F
327 Appoline Greek Variant of Apollonia: Of Apollo. St Apollonia was a 3rd-century martyr who had her own teeth knocked out, frequently invoked against toothache. F
328 Aprille English The month April; symbolizes spring. F
329 Aprille Latin Open. The month April; symbolizes spring. F

330 Aquene NativeAmerican Peace. F
331 Aquiline Latin Eaglelike. F
332 Arabelle Latin Derived from 'orabilis' meaning yielding to prayer. Famous bearer: Lady Arabella Stuart was cousin of King James VI of Scotland. Also a variant of Amabel meaning beautiful, loving, lovable, graceful. F
333 Arachne Greek Changed into a spider by Athena. F
334 Arachne Latin Turned into a spider by Minerva. F
335 Araminte Hebrew Lofty. F
336 Arcene French Silvery. F
337 Ardelle English Eager. Industrious. F
338 Ardelle Latin Ardent. Eager. Industrious. F
339 Ardene Celtic Lofty. Eager. F
340 Ardene English Warm;. Eager; Lofty. F