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381 Arrose Latin Rose. F
382 Arthurine English Feminine form of Arthur: From the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. F
383 Ase Norse Tree. F
384 Asenke Hebrew Grace. F
385 Asgre Welsh Heart. F
386 Ashilde Norse God fighting. F
387 Ashlee English Meadow of ash trees. F
388 Ashlie English Meadow of ash trees. F
389 Ashlynne English Meadow of ash trees. F

390 Asianne Arabic The rising sun. The name of the continent used as a given name. According to the Koran the Pharaoh's wife Asia raised the infant Moses. A variant of Aisha: (life). F
391 Assane Irish Waterfall. F
392 Astarte Egyptian A wife of Seth. F
393 Astarte Latin Phoenician goddess of love. F
394 Asthore Irish Loved one. F
395 Astynome Latin Daughter of Chryses. F
396 Atalante Greek A huntress. F
397 Atalie Hebrew God is great. F
398 Atalie Swedish Pure. F
399 Ate Greek Goddess of irrationality. F
400 Athalie Hebrew God is great. F