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81 Ahelie Hebrew Breath. F
82 Aife Celtic A great warrior woman of myth. F
83 Aiglentine French Sweetbrier rose. F
84 Aileene Irish Variant of Evelyn. F
85 Aileene Scottish Variant of Evelyn. F
86 Ailie French Diminutive of Alison: A 13th century variant of Alice meaning nobility. Now particularly popular in Scotland. F
87 Ailie Gaelic Diminutive of Ailis: The Scottish Gaelic form of Alice. F
88 Ailie Scottish Diminutive of Ailsa: From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde. Also a Scottish variant of Else, and a diminutive of Ailis or Alison. F
89 Ailise Irish Noble. F

90 Ailne German Diminutive of Adeline and Adela: Sweet or pleasant; of the nobility. Noble. From the Old German 'athal' meaning 'noble. F
91 Ailse German Sweet. F
92 Ailsie Hebrew Devoted to God. F
93 Aimee French Variant of Amy: Dearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. F
94 Aine Celtic Fire or joy. F
95 Aine Irish Ardent. Variant of Eshne: Little fire, from Irish Gaelic. F
96 Ainslie English Derived from the Brittish Nottinghamshire place name of Annesley. From Ann's meadow. From the awe inspiring one's meadow. F
97 Aintzane Basque Glory. F
98 Aintzane Spanish Glorious. F
99 Aithne Celtic Fire. F
100 Ajthne Irish Ardent. Variant of Eshne: Little fire, from Irish Gaelic. F