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41 Alys Welsh A form of the German Alice, meaning nobility. F
42 Alyss Spanish Of the nobility. F
43 Amabilis Latin Beautiful or loving. F
44 Amadis Latin Loved by God. F
45 Amaris Hebrew Given by God. F
46 Amaris Spanish Child of the moon. The astrological name for Cancer. F
47 Amaryllis Greek Sparkling. A flower name after the lily-like plants called Amaryllis; poetically used to mean 'a simple shepherdess or country girl', often given to country girls in classic literary works of Virgil and Ovid. F
48 Amdis Norse Eagle spirit. F
49 Amplias Biblical Large, extensive. F

50 Amyntas Latin Protector. F
51 Anais Hebrew Grace. F
52 Anais Latin Variant of Ana. F
53 Andes Latin From the Andes. F
54 Andras Norse Breath. F
55 Andreas Greek Manly. Brave. Feminine form of Andrew. F
56 Anglides ArthurianLegend Mother of Alexandre. F
57 Anis Greek Variant of the Greek Agnes,Poor, pure, or chaste. St. Agnes was a 3rd century Christian martyr whose January 21st feast day is described in Keats' poem 'The Eve of St Agnes'. F
58 Anlicnes Anglo-Saxon Image. F
59 Annas Biblical One who answers; humble. F
60 Annis Anglo-Saxon Unity. F