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481 Birgitta Swedish Strong. F
482 Birkita Celtic Strong. F
483 Birte Celtic Splendid. F
484 Bisgu Anglo-Saxon Cares. F
485 Bishlam Biblical In peace. F
486 Bithiah Biblical Daughter of the Lord F
487 Bithiah Hebrew A variant of Bethia, meaning daughter or worshipper of God, which appears in the Old Testament. F
488 Bithron Biblical Divisions. F
489 Bithynia Biblical Violent precipitation. F

490 Bithynia Latin Mother of Amycus. F
491 Bittore Latin Victor. F
492 Bitya Hebrew Daughter of God. F
493 Bixenta Basque Victory. F
494 Bizjothjah Biblical Despite. F
495 Blaine Gaelic Feminine form of Blaine: Thin. F
496 Blair Celtic From the plain lands. F
497 Blair Scottish Field of battle. F
498 Blaire English Feminine form of Blair: Flatland. F
499 Blaire Scottish Field of battle. F
500 Blanca Italian White; shining. A variant of the French Blanche. F