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1 Baal-berith Biblical Idol of the covenant. F
2 Baalah Biblical Her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse F
3 Baaseiah Biblical In making, in pressing together. F
4 Badriyyah Muslim Resembling the full moon.. F
5 Bajith Biblical A house . F
6 Bari'ah Muslim Excelling.. F
7 Bashemath Biblical Perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation F
8 Bashirah Muslim Variant of Bashira: Glad tiding. Happy news.. F
9 Basimah Muslim Smiling.. F

10 Basmah Muslim A smile.. F
11 Bealoth Biblical Cast under. F
12 Beeroth Biblical Wells, explaining. F
13 Behemoth Biblical Beasts. F
14 Bekah Biblical Half a shekel. F
15 Belah Biblical Destroying. F
16 Berachah Biblical Blessing, bending the knee. F
17 Berith Biblical Covenant. F
18 Berothath Biblical Of a well. F
19 Berth Welsh Beautiful. F
20 Beruriah Hebrew Selected by God. F