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1 Baal-zephon Biblical The idol or possession of the north, hidden, secret. F
2 Babylon Biblical Confusion, mixture. F
3 Baibin Greek Stranger. F
4 Baladan Biblical One without judgment. F
5 Banan Muslim Delicate.. F
6 Banon Welsh Queen. F
7 Barran Irish Little top. F
8 Battseeyon Hebrew Daughter of Zion. F
9 Battzion Hebrew Daughter of Zion. F

10 Bebhinn Gaelic Harmony. F
11 Bebhinn Irish Singer. F
12 Belen Spanish Bethlehem. F
13 Beon Biblical In affliction. F
14 Berneen French Feminine of Bernard, meaning strong as a bear, or bear hard. F
15 Berneen Irish Feminine form of Bernard: courage of a bear. F
16 Beten Biblical Belly. F
17 Beth-aven Biblical The house of vanity, of iniquity of trouble. F
18 Beth-baalmeon Biblical An idol of the dwelling-place. F
19 Beth-dagon Biblical The house of corn, or of fish. F
20 Beth-haran Biblical House of grace. F