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301 Carmen Spanish Garden. The Spanish form of the Hebrew Carmel. Famous bearer: Bizet's opera 'Carmen', first performed in 1875. F
302 Carmencita Spanish Song. F
303 Carmentis Latin Healer. F
304 Carmi Biblical My vineyard, lamb of the waters. F
305 Carmia English Song. F
306 Carmin Latin Song. F
307 Carmina English Song. F
308 Carmina Spanish Song. F
309 Carmine English Song. F

310 Carmita English Song. F
311 Carmita Spanish Rosy. F
312 Carmya English Song. F
313 Carna Latin Protectress of vital organs. F
314 Carnation French Flesh - colored. F
315 Carnela Hebrew Variant of Carmel: Garden or vinyard. Famous bearer: the name of a mountain in Isreal. The Carmelite order of mendicant friars was founded in the 12th century on Mount Carmel. F
316 Caro English Feminine variant of Charles: manly. F
317 Carol English A feminine form of Charles meaning strong or manly. Also a diminutive of Caroline. Also used as the feminine of Carl meaning joy. F
318 Carol French Song of happiness. F
319 Carola English Strong. A feminine form of Charles which originated in the 17th century. F
320 Carola French Variant of Carole: The french form of the English Carol, a dimunitive of Charles meaning strong. F