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561 Cerys Welsh Variant of Carys: Love. F
562 Cesara Spanish Long haired. F
563 Cestus Greek Aphrodite's girdle. F
564 Ceto Greek Goddess of the sea. F
565 Cha'kwaina NativeAmerican One who cries (Hopi). F
566 Cha'risa NativeAmerican Elk (Hopi). F
567 Chaand Muslim Variant of Chand: The moon.. F
568 Chaba Hebrew Life. F
569 Chabah Hebrew Life. F

570 Chaka Hebrew Life. F
571 Chalciope Latin Daughter of Eurypylus. F
572 Chalina Spanish Form of Rosa. F
573 Chamunda Indian A form of Durga. F
574 Chana Hebrew Graceful. F
575 Chanah Hebrew Graceful. F
576 Chand Muslim The moon.. F
577 Chanda Indian Fierce. F
578 Chanda Sanskrit Dignified. F
579 Chandara Sanskrit Of the moon. F
580 Chandi Hindi Angry. F