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641 Charran Biblical A singing or calling out. F
642 Charumati Indian Daughter of Buddha. F
643 Charybdis Latin Daughter of Poseidon. F
644 Chasidah Hebrew Pious. F
645 Chasity Latin Purity; Innocence. F
646 Chasta Latin Purity; Innocence. F
647 Chastina Latin Purity; Innocence. F
648 Chastine Latin Purity; Innocence. F
649 Chastity Latin Purity; Innocence. F

650 Chasya Hebrew Shelter. F
651 Chasya Yiddish Shelter. F
652 Chasye Hebrew Shelter. F
653 Chasye Yiddish Shelter. F
654 Chatlie English Modern form of Charles: manly. F
655 Chattie French Diminutive of Charlotte: A feminine form of Charles, meaning man. Alternate meaning, tiny and feminine. Famous bearers: Princess Charlotte, daughter of King George IV; British writer Charlotte Bronte. F
656 Chaundra Sanskrit Of the moon. F
657 Chaunte French Singer. To sing. Song. F
658 Chauntel French Singer. To sing. Song. F
659 Chava Hebrew Life. F
660 Chavela Spanish Variant of Isabel. F