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981 Cleone Greek The mythological daughter of a river god. F
982 Cleonie Irish From the Greek Cleone: daughter of a river god. F
983 Cleopatra Egyptian A queen of Eygpt. F
984 Cleopatra Greek Her father's fame; Glory of her father. Egyptian Queen immortalized by Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra'. F
985 Cleopatra Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Queen of Egypt and Mark Antony's lover. F
986 Cleta Greek Illustrious. F
987 Cleta Latin Illustrious. F
988 Cleva English Dwells at the cliffs. F
989 Cliantha Greek Glory. F

990 Clianthe Greek Glory. F
991 Clio Greek Celebrate. Abbreviation of Clotilde and Cleopatra. Clio was the Mythological Muse of historic poetry. F
992 Clodagh Irish From the name of an Irish river, Clodagh is used occasionally as a first name in Ireland. F
993 Clodovea Spanish Feminine form of Clodoveo: famous warrior. F
994 Clonia Latin Amazon. F
995 Cloria Greek Goddess of spring. F
996 Clorinda Latin Renowned. F
997 Cloris Greek Blooming. Mythological goddess of flowers or spring. F
998 Clotho Greek A Fate. F
999 Clotho Latin One of the Moirae. F
1000 Clotild Teutonic Renowned for war. F