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221 Celinna Latin Variant of Celia or Selena. One of seven mythological daughters of Atlas transformed by Zeus into stars of the Pleiades constellation. F
222 Celosia Greek Buming. F
223 Cenchrea Biblical Millet, small pulse. F
224 Cenobia Greek Stranger. F
225 Cenobia Spanish Spanish form of Zenobia: born of Zeus. F
226 Cerelia English Mistress; lady. Feminine of Cyril. F
227 Cerelia Italian Fertile. F
228 Cerelia Latin Of the spring. F
229 Cerella English Mistress; lady. Feminine of Cyril. F

230 Ceria Italian Variant of Cyril. F
231 Ceria Spanish Variant of Cyril. F
232 Cermaka Czechoslovakian Robin. F
233 Cesara Spanish Long haired. F
234 Cha'kwaina NativeAmerican One who cries (Hopi). F
235 Cha'risa NativeAmerican Elk (Hopi). F
236 Chaba Hebrew Life. F
237 Chaka Hebrew Life. F
238 Chalina Spanish Form of Rosa. F
239 Chamunda Indian A form of Durga. F
240 Chana Hebrew Graceful. F