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381 Cleopatra Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Queen of Egypt and Mark Antony's lover. F
382 Cleta Greek Illustrious. F
383 Cleta Latin Illustrious. F
384 Cleva English Dwells at the cliffs. F
385 Cliantha Greek Glory. F
386 Clodovea Spanish Feminine form of Clodoveo: famous warrior. F
387 Clonia Latin Amazon. F
388 Cloria Greek Goddess of spring. F
389 Clorinda Latin Renowned. F

390 Clotilda German Heroine. Famous battle. Derived from the Old German 'hloda' meaning loud or famous, and 'hildi' meaning battle. Famous bearer: 6th century saint Clotilda was married to King Clovis, and played a major role in his conversion to Christianity. F
391 Clotilda Teutonic Renowned for war. F
392 Clymena Greek Mother of Atalanta. F
393 Clytemnestra Greek Murdered Agamemnon. F
394 Cochava Hebrew Star. F
395 Cocheta NativeAmerican Stranger. F
396 Coira Scottish Seething pool. F
397 Coleta Spanish Victorious. F
398 Coletta French Victorious. Variant of Nicolette. F
399 Colina Scottish Feminine form of Colin: Young dog. A translation of the Gaelic 'Cailean' Also, 'victory of the people'. F
400 Collena Irish Girl. F