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421 Constancia French Constancy; steadfastness. . F
422 Constancia Latin Firrn of purpose. F
423 Constantia Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F
424 Constantia Latin Constancy. Firrn of purpose. F
425 Constantia Spanish Constancy; steadfastness. F
426 Constantina Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F
427 Constantina Latin Firrn of purpose. F
428 Constanza Italian Constancy; steadfastness. F
429 Constanza Spanish Constant. F

430 Consuela Latin Consolation. F
431 Consuela Spanish Consolation. F
432 Contessa Italian Royalty; the title is the feminine equivalent of Count. F
433 Cora English Maiden. F
434 Cora Greek From 'kore' meaning girl or maiden. Famous bearers: Persephone used the title Kore. F
435 Cora Scottish Seething pool. F
436 Coralia English Maiden. F
437 Coralina Greek From the coral of the sea. F
438 Corazana Spanish Heart. F
439 Cordelia Celtic Of the sea. F
440 Cordelia English In Shakespeare's King Lear a woman of rare honesty. F