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141 Carola French Variant of Carole: The french form of the English Carol, a dimunitive of Charles meaning strong. F
142 Carola Spanish Joy. F
143 Caroliana English Feminine variant of Charles: manly. F
144 Carolina English Joy. Song of happiness. Also feminine variant of Charles: manly. F
145 Carolina French Song of happiness. F
146 Carolina Italian Variant of Caroline: Strong. An Italian feminine form of Charles. Famous bearer: 18th century Caroline of Ansbach was the German wife of English King George II. Lady Caroline Lamb had a famous liaison with poet Lord Byron. F
147 Carolina Latin Strong. A latinized form of Caroline. Famous bearer: the American states of North and South Carolina were named after British king Charles I. F
148 Carona Spanish Crowned. F
149 Carressa French Tender touch. F

150 Carrina Latin Little darling. F
151 Carrissa Greek Very dear. F
152 Carrissa Latin Very dear. F
153 Carrola Spanish Joy. F
154 Carshena Biblical A lamb, sleeping. F
155 Cartimandua Anglo-Saxon Name of a queen of Brigantes. F
156 Carya Latin Daughter of Dion. F
157 Caryna Latin Keel. F
158 Casandra Spanish Unheeded prophetess. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded. F
159 Casiphia Biblical Money, covetousness. F
160 Casperia Latin Second wife of Rhoetus. F