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241 Clymene Latin Amazon. F
242 Clyte Greek A water nymph. F
243 Clytie Greek Mythological water nymph who loved the sun god Helios. She was changed into a sunflower and now always turns her face toward the sun. F
244 Codee English Cushion. Helpful. F
245 Codee Irish Helpful. F
246 Colene Irish Girl. F
247 Colette French Necklace. Victorious. A Middle Ages feminine form of Nicholas which was originally a diminutive of Nicolette. Famous bearers - 15th Century French nun St Colette, and 20th century French writer Colette. F
248 Colette Greek Feminine form of Nicholas: People's victory. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors, and pawnbrokers - Santa Claus is based on this saint. F
249 Collene Irish Girl. F

250 Collette French Necklace. Victorious. Variant of Nicolette. F
251 Colosse Biblical Punishment, correction. F
252 Columbine Italian Dove. F
253 Columbine Latin Feminine form of Columba: Dove. Famous bearer: 6th century Irish abbot and missionary St Columba converted the inhabitants of Scotland and northern England to Christianity. F
254 Comforte French Strength. F
255 Conchobarre Irish Feminine form of Connor: strong willed. F
256 Congalie Irish Constant. F
257 Connie English Constancy; steadfastness. A diminutive of Constance, sometimes used as an independent name. F
258 Connie Latin Diminutive of Constance: Firm of purpose. Constancy, from the Latin Constantia. F
259 Conradine German Bold. F
260 Constance English Constancy; steadfastness. F