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21 Catori NativeAmerican Spirit (Hopi). F
22 Ccri Welsh Loved one. F
23 Ceri Italian Variant of Cyril. F
24 Ceri Spanish Variant of Cyril. F
25 Chandi Hindi Angry. F
26 Chandi Indian Fierce. F
27 Charli English Modern form of Charles: manly. F
28 Charumati Indian Daughter of Buddha. F
29 Chelsi English Place name; a London district. F

30 Chenani Biblical My pillar. F
31 Chepi NativeAmerican Fairy (Algonquin). F
32 Cheri French Variant of Cherie 'Dear one;darling'. F
33 Cherri English The fruit-bearing cherry tree. F
34 Chosovi NativeAmerican Bluebird (Hopi). F
35 Chosposi NativeAmerican Bluebird eye (Hopi). F
36 Christi Irish Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ. F
37 Christi Scottish Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ. F
38 Chu'si NativeAmerican Snake flower (Hopi). F
39 Cili Hungarian Hungarian form of Cecilia blind. F
40 Cili Latin Dim sighted. F