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101 Chrysann Spanish Variant of Chrysantus. F
102 Chun Biblical Making ready. F
103 Ciorstan Gaelic Christian. F
104 Coleen Gaelic Girl. F
105 Colleen Gaelic Girl. F
106 Colleen Irish From an Irish word for girl. Famous bearer: Australian novelist Colleen McCullough. F
107 Con Gaelic Exalted. F
108 Concepcion Spanish Reference to the Immaculate Conception. F
109 Conception Latin Understanding. F

110 Consolacion Spanish Consolation. F
111 Coralin Greek From the coral of the sea. F
112 Coralyn English Maiden. F
113 Corazon Spanish Heart. F
114 Coreen Irish Maiden. F
115 Coriann English Variant of Cory meaning variously: From the round hill; seething pool; or ravine. F
116 Coriann Irish Variant of Cory meaning variously: from the round hill; seething pool; ravine. F
117 Corin Greek Maiden. F
118 Correen Irish Maiden. F
119 Corsen Welsh Reed. F
120 Courtlyn English Courtly; courteous. F