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581 Dielle Latin Worships God. F
582 Diera Anglo-Saxon From Diera. F
583 Dierdre Irish Sorrowful. F
584 Dierdre Welsh Dark. F
585 Difyr Welsh Amusing. F
586 Digna Latin Worthy. F
587 Digna Spanish Worthy. F
588 Digne Latin Worthy. F
589 Dike Greek Justice. F

590 Dilean Biblical That is poor. F
591 Dilys Welsh Genuine, perfect, true. This name was first used in Wales in the mid-19th century. F
592 Dimetre Greek Earth-lover. Demeter is the mythological Greek goddess of corn and harvest. She withdraws for the part of the year her daughter Persephone must spend with the god of the underworld - the reason for winter. F
593 Dimetria Greek Of Demeter. Demetria was the mythological goddess of corn and harvest. F
594 Dimitra Russian From Demeter. F
595 Dimon Biblical Where it is red. F
596 Dimonah Biblical Dunghill. F
597 Dina English From the valley. F
598 Dina Hebrew Avenged. Judged and vindicated. Famous bearer: biblical Dinah, Jacob's only daughter. F
599 Dina Spanish Form of Hebrew Dinah. Judged and vindicated. In the bible Dinah was Jacob's only daughter. F
600 Dinah Biblical Judgment; who judges F