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621 Diotrephes Biblical Nourished by Jupiter. F
622 Dioxippe Latin An Amazon. F
623 Dirce Greek Killed for abusing children. F
624 Dirce Latin Mother of Lycus. F
625 Disa Greek Twice or double. F
626 Disa Norse Spirited. F
627 Discordia Latin Goddess of war. F
628 Diss Norse Spirited. F
629 Dita Spanish Abreviation of the English Edith. Happy warfare, spoils of war. F

630 Diti Indian Daughter of Daksha. F
631 Div Indian Evil spirit. F
632 Diva Celtic Divine one. F
633 Divina Latin Divine one. F
634 Divone Celtic Divine one. F
635 Divsha Hebrew Honey. F
636 Divshah Hebrew Honey. F
637 Divya Hindi Divine. F
638 Dixie English Abbreviation of Richard. In the USA Dixie refers to the French word for ten; also to the southern states below the Mason- Dixon line. F
639 Dixie French Born tenth. F
640 Dizahab Biblical Where much gold is. F