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261 Dionysia Latin Feminine form of Dionysius: The God of Wine. F
262 Dionyza Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' Wife to Cleon. F
263 Disa Greek Twice or double. F
264 Disa Norse Spirited. F
265 Discordia Latin Goddess of war. F
266 Dita Spanish Abreviation of the English Edith. Happy warfare, spoils of war. F
267 Diva Celtic Divine one. F
268 Divina Latin Divine one. F
269 Divsha Hebrew Honey. F

270 Divya Hindi Divine. F
271 Doanna English American compound of Dorothy and Anna. F
272 Docilla Latin Calm. F
273 Dodla Latin Calm. F
274 Dolorita Spanish Full of sorrows. F
275 Domela Latin Mistress of the home. F
276 Domenica Spanish Born on Sunday. Of the Lord. F
277 Domhnulla Gaelic Rules all. F
278 Domiduca Latin Juno's surname. F
279 Dominga Spanish Born on Sunday. Of the Lord. F
280 Dominica Irish Name of a saint. F